Satou Hiroko => Kozo Murashita/Chikuzen Sato/Hiroko Mita — Hatsukoi (初恋)

Kozo Murashita (村下孝蔵)was a thespian with this splendidly mellow effort who was innate in 1953 in Minamata City, Kumamoto Prefecture. we listened a series of his poetic folk songs prior to as well as after “Hatsukoi”…all created as well as stoical by Murashita. But it was this single, expelled in February 1983, that got him nearby a tip of a charts...No. 3, to be exact.
“Hatsukoi”(First Love) would be Murashita’s most renouned song, as well as it doesn’t receptive to advice similar to a folk strain due to a synths  and a arrangements by Mikio Mizutani(水谷公生). It comes off as sounding quintessentially early 80s pop, nonetheless in concerts, Murashita has regularly confirmed his folksy proceed by looming upon theatre sitting upon a sofa with usually his guitar as well as a microphone. The strain itself has turn a customary with most singers thereafter covering it in their albums (Misato Watanabe, Noriyuki Makihara, etc.). And it’s no surprise…great tune as well as lyrics that any a single who has ever pined for that boy/girl in propagandize can describe to.
The lyrics themselves have been created as such that they would have a undiluted backdrop for Charlie Brown’s almighty office for the Little Red-Haired Girl. If Chuck could verbalise Japanese, he would be observant these difference himself. And deliberation that the Peanuts gang have been so renouned in Japan that they’ve appeared in commercials, I’m astounded that noone has put 2 as well as 2 together as well as scored equally up this strain with great ol’ Charlie Brown.

As we said, over a years, a series of J-Pop singers have lonesome “Hatsukoi”. I’ve usually listened a single cover chronicle as well as it’s a smash. Chikuzen Sato(佐藤竹善), a lead thespian for Sing Like Talking, gave a indeed musty delivery in 2007….the electric guitar sounds similar to something Santana would fool around as well as a agreement would give Steely Dan nosebleeds. It creates it unequivocally tough for me to confirm that chronicle is better.
As for Murashita, sadly, his hold up was cut reduced due to a cadence during a operation in 1999.
December twenty-three 2012: Thanks to jarteaga obregon, he sensitive me about 80s aidoru Hiroko Mita’s chronicle of a song.

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