Satou Hiroko => Hiroko Sato’s biography:

Hiroko Sato (佐藤寛子) (born Feb 17, 1985) is a Japanese actress, thespian as great as late Japanese idol. She was innate in Fukushima though grew up in a Kanagawa prefecture as great as attended a Kanagawa Prefectural Senior High School, we Shida. She was a tyro legislature boss during her tall propagandize as great as is in all seen as an smart immature lady of difficult showing who is both transparent as great as binds sensitive opinions upon a operation of subjects.
Personal Hobbies as great as Interests:
Hiroko Sato has a receptive to advice sports as great as aptness background, both in personification volleyball as great as swimming as great as continually functions during her earthy aptness with a tiresome system of administration of situps, something she has spasmodic certified to carrying trite though she has additionally grown a great technique in a Japanese armed forces art of sword-fighting
kendo which has been utilitarian for her in movement purposes in air wave as great as movies.
With her personal hobbies as great as interests she has difficult normal
japanese calligraphy to 6 stages as great as enjoying portrayal as an inventive middle though she additionally writes communication as great as is a budding novelist, something which is utilitarian in a revue as great as research she writes for NHK Radio upon a unchanging basis. On a some-more infrequent basement she enjoys music, cinema as great as great food, many of which she cooks herself with usually a small assistance from recipe books by Naomi Takayama. She is great great great known to identical to a small booze with her food upon an occasional basement as great as has confessed to fondness an occasional bottle beer.
She is an zealous reader with a ambience for heavyweight Japanese women authors of a description of
Hiromi Kawakami, Banana Yoshimoto, Eimi Yamada, Fuyumi Ono as great as pick identical authors who residence different counts identical to though a friend amicable issues, tellurian sexuality, inter-racial marriages as great as a issues confronting immature people in difficult Japan. While she enjoys low as great as during times difficult authors, she is great great great known in in between her peers as a really down to earth chairman who gets upon great with her family as great as friends as great as inside of a bounds of her work report enjoys socialising with her colleagues after work.
Hiroko Sato has not long ago restarted her personal blog underneath a brand new name “Orange” replacing a progressing chronicle “OOKAMI” which was declared after her Japanese zoomancy. With a opening of about 1 year a blog has her personal musings as great as a series of dilettante photos which uncover day to day aspects of her hold up over a final integrate of years as great as a series of photos of her small dog “Pochi” as great as a cat which she used to make use of in her progressing blog trademark whose name is “Pierce”. By a Japanese footnote it is a horse opera name rsther than than an action. The photos of her with her pets uncover she is a kind as great as sexual chairman who has an affinity with animals.
Professional career:
In 2002 Hiroko Sato finished her behaving entrance in a low bill abhorrence film “Scare” as great as began a really successful career as a gravure idol. A estimable volume of her work was published in Japanese mens magazines identical to
Sabra (magazine), Wannibooks, Up to Boy as great as Weekly Playboy by Shuestra as great as pick media forms identical to BOMB.TV, as great as Young Sunday Web in in between others. Starting with a DVD “First Touch” in late 2002 she additionally starred in a in accord with series of Idol cinema in DVD format up until 2008 when she late from gravure swimsuit modelling.
As an actress, Hiroko Sato has worked in a far-reaching operation of air wave productions in Japan, assorted purposes in entertainment productions as great as a accumulation of cinema genres together with
horror films. She is great great great great known for her opening in Madan Senki Ryukendo as Kaori Nose. In 2004 she played a purpose in a low bill film Cursed (2004 film).
“Can’t Hide” Single CD
In 2005 Hiroko Sato expelled a singular called “Can’t Hide” which was a normal strain CD with an concomitant DVD which contained a reduced film called “Hiroko Television”. The CD/DVD was constructed by Koji Shimizu as great as Moto “Kittz” Kitsukawa as great as expelled underneath a GIRLS’ RECORD label. The reduced film was constructed in a form of a act where Hiroko Sato played each purpose during a of doubtful authenticity air wave hire from a continue lady to a newsreader as great as interviewer as great as behaving a “Can’t Hide” strain upon video.
While research of strain is essentially subjective, Hiroko Sato has a excellent transparent immature voice which demonstrated her outspoken skills as great as a singular was in all great perceived as great as had great

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