Frank Edwards => excerpts from ‘stranger than science’ by straightforward edwards, 1959

excerpts from ‘stranger than science’ by straightforward edwards, 1959

selected as well as edited by jamal munshi as partial of his weird though true list

  • on 9/23/1880 a rancher declared david lang vainshed in to skinny air in front of multiform witnesses in gallatin, tn, as well as was never listened from again
  • ships as well as armies which passed though withdrawal a snippet never to be found again: a steamboat ‘iron mountain’ withdrawal a bay during vicksburg, va, june 1872; a danish precision vessel ‘kobenhaven’ withdrawal a bay during montevideo; an armed forces of 4000 group marching in to a foothills of a pyrenees during a spanish fight of succession; 650 french infantry marching in open nation fifteen miles from saigon in 1858; 2988 chinese soldiers outward nanking in 1947
  • on 8/11/1954 a passed humanoid quadruped with gills as well as limbs cleared ashore in canvey island
  • in 11/1930 all thirty inhabitants of an eskimo encampment outward of churchill, canada left though a trace. a encampment was left sum finish with dogs, food, guns, as well as even a embroidery plan in progress.
  • on 4/22/1881 a mill pennyless open in a cave to exhibit a form full of worms. a worms came to life. scientists were asked to inspect a worms. they pronounced it was not probable according to their scholarship as well as thus a miners contingency have been in error (btw: scientists had additionally discharged meteorites found by peasants. it was usually after a peasants took assign of things following a french series which critical meteor investigate was undertaken)
  • on 4/24/1856 dual boys were mislaid in a woods for 10 days. their bodies were found when jacob dibert saw them in a repeated dream.
  • in 1833 a kid declared adrian follower of Jesus had a repeated mental condition which as captain of a vessel he discovered his hermit from an additional vessel which was sinking. a mental condition came loyal in 1880. only as advertised.
  • assyriologist dr herman hilprecht deciphered a inscriptions upon dual little very aged agate fragments in a dream
  • the volacnic tear in java in eighth month of 1883 is a most aroused geological eventuality in available history. a island of krakatoa disintegrated, a heat of a sea around java rose to over 140 degf, as well as outrageous tidal waves lashed out as distant divided as california. a boston creation scooped a story. a ‘story’ incited out to be records upon a mental condition seen by contributor byron somes.
  • in october 1872 a roughly lettered printer declared tom james went in to a coma as well as wrote furiously. he pronounced he was receiving dictation from a passed writer charles dickens as well as shortly published a blank final part of ‘the mystrey of edwin drood’. (btw: edwards’ outline of a dictation only matches a muslim outline of god’s dictation to mohamed. mohamed as we might know was illiterate.)
  • planes which left though a snippet over a bermuda triangle: a star tiger british airliner upon 1/29/1948, a ariel british airliner upon 1/17/1949, 5 tbm avenger bombers of a us army upon 12/5/1945, a martin drifting vessel which went to demeanour for a avengers.
  • in 15th century britain a farmer declared robert nixon rightly likely which richard as well as henry would do battle, which henry would win, as well as which he himself would be taken to henry’s palace where he would die of starvation.
  • on 7/2/1951 mary reeser was used up by extemporaneous tellurian combustion
  • mysterious moments of sum dark during midday which were not an obscure of a sun: 8/19/1763 london england; 4/26/1884 preston england; 3/19/1886 oshkosh, wisconsin; 4/2/1889 aitkin, minnesota; 12/2/1904 memphis, tennessee; 9/24/1950 most of a usa saw a blue sun
  • in a 19th century monetary recommendation from voices inside his conduct done arthur stilwell of indiana a billionaire. pier arthur, tx as well as stilwell, ok have been declared after him. a voices rightly predicted: he would encounter as well as wed a lady declared genevieve woods in 4 years; which his tyrannise try would be profitable; which pier arthur, tx as well as not galveston should be a confine of his railroad; universe fight 1; a better of germany in ww1; a tumble of a potentate of russia; as well as a replacement of palestine to judaism
  • in 1935 9-year aged shanti devi of india gave correct sum of her prior incarnation
  • in 1918 in poland stanislaus omensky became trapped underneath a collapsed castle. his partner merna saw a palace as well as his condition in a memorable mental condition as well as discovered him.
  • code-like air wave vigilance patterns perceived from outdoor space though never explained: garment canaveral barb core october 1958; ohio state university 1956
  • the hull of sachuaman in south america usually have clarity if little humans once peopled a earth.
  • rabbi elijah of lithuania, leon gambetta of france, as well as richard porson of greece review thousands of books as well as could recollect any judgment during will; mathurin veyssiere of prussia could recite any debate in any denunciation with undiluted pronounciation after conference a debate usually once
  • zerah colburn of vermont, johann martin of germany (1950s), tom fuller of virginia (1779), charles cansler of tennessee (1915), as well as jedidah buxton of england (1707) could compromise formidable numerical problems in their thoughts roughly instantaneously
  • on october 1932 bullion miners in wyoming found a ma of a entirely grown hominid presumably from a pliocene age. a quadruped was fourteen inches tall
  • a splendid red 6-passenger phaeton furloughed automobile built in 1914 brought a gruesome finish to archduke franz ferdinand as well as any of a 7 successive owners. ferdinand’s genocide in saraevo, bosnia in 1914 additionally proposed ww1.
  • animals as well as birds instinctively equivocate an area about 165 feet in hole nearby grants pass, oregon, called a ‘oregon vortex’ where sobriety has assumingly left berserk. inside a spiral trees indicate to a captivating north, sobriety is some-more intense, pendulums cling to during unfit angles, as well as compasses go haywire.
  • when jennie moran of sedalia, mo incited fourteen in 1895 she became a tellurian tall voltage battery though a voltage subsided in her after years. there have been alternative cases of tellurian voltage, curiously all teenagers. caroline clare, bondon ontario 1877; louis hamburger of maryland 1890; straightforward mckistry of joplin, mo, 1889
  • the tunguska explosion in siberia could not have been a meteor given there is no void as well as no meteorite fragments; though a settlement of a drop is identical to which in hiroshima. a round of glow as well as fungus clouds described by witnesses as well as measurements of residual radioactivity additionally indicate a chief blast. presumably a ufo crash.
  • during his ancestral debate in to asia alexander a great saw something which he described as “great glossy dulcet shields spitting glow around a rims. things which came from a skies as well as returned to a skies.”
  • when patricia kord was hypnotized in 1957 she took upon a voice as well as hold up of a combine infantryman declared gene donaldson
  • on great friday any year wounds crop up upon stigmatists which impersonate those christ is suspicion to have suffered when crucified. additionally upon 5/10/1951 clarita villaneuva age eighteen of manila was regularly bitten by an invisible attacker usually she could see. onlookers could see a wounds crop up ‘in front of their eyes’
  • in 1887 in tennessee aged mrs osborn died during a lightning storm. someway during her final impulse upon earth a realistic design of her was engraved upon her window pane
  • in 1928 harold lothridge of mountain morris, michigan solved a attempted attempted attempted attempted murder of 5-year-old dorothy schneider when he dreamt a complete attempted attempted attempted attempted murder stage as well as identified a killer as a town’s church officer adolph hotelling.
  • in 1956 in south africa attempted attempted attempted attempted murder plant happiness aken ‘told’ military about her attempted attempted attempted attempted murder by a middle declared nelson palmer. clarence gordon vanburen, a murderer, was arrested as well as he confessed.
  • paul hurkus of holland could discuss it a lot about we only by land an unfeeling intent we owned. during 1940-1950 he used this technique to brand a german spy, locate a teenage firebug, as well as compromise a important scone mill thievery of london
  • a middle land seance had rightly identified a place of a lindberg kid in 1932 3 weeks prior to a physique was found
  • on deighton mill in assonet neck, massachusets, have been papers whose summary or start have been not well known even after most erudite investigations given 1690.

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