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Florence Welch is a redhead heading woman of a indie stone brit rope Florence as well as a Machine. Their initial manuscript was expelled in 2009 as well as a rope fast rose to celebrity as well as completed worldwide success.
Gucci, Givenchy as well as Chanel. Every domicile name loves Florence! And we adore all of her choices, specifically a initial one.

Stage perfection- Florence Welch has an memorable theatre style, from capes to red dresses. Florence is a idealisation conform brazen heading lady.
In 2010 she discussed her theatre conform as well as said: “For a  stage, it’s The Lady of Shalott meets Ophelia… churned with frightful medieval bat lady. But in genuine hold up I’m kind of prim”
Street character to die for. The idealisation London gal.
The twenty-six year aged redhead lives in Camberwell
I suspicion we would additionally embody cinema of her beautiful updos. we adore a plat headband/ heidi braid, a undiluted updo to showcase a beautiful dress.
Do we similar to Florence’s style?
Where would we emporium to get a Florence Welch look?
Just seeking during her beautiful character creates me wish to go to London as well as strut around Notting Hill or  Piccadilly Circus..
Thank we for reading!

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