Aoe Mina => Lucky Cat 13th Jan 2009 Podcast

The blank Episode 2 of Series 3 right away intact! Thanks Robin for recuperating it from the Resonance FM repository for me.
This part is Tetsuya Nakashima special with reviews of ‘Kamikaze Girls’ as well as ‘Memories of Matsuko’. we am assimilated by the editor of ‘Electric Sheep‘ movie repository Alex Fitch as well as comic artist Dan Lester.
The Dim Sum Lunchbox contains the Japanese preserved herring dish.

Playlist: # Isechoukou Blues – Aoe Mina # Talkin’ Girls – Shonen Knife (Let’s Knife LP) # I’m Blue (The Gong Gong Song) – The Ikettes (Hairspray soundtrack LP) # Since He Likes You – Kayama Yozo # Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall – Ella Fitzgerald (Ella: The Best Coral LP) # Yesterday’s Memories – Lillian Leach & The Mellows # 九ちゃんのツンツン節 – Sakamoto Kyu / 坂本九 # we am Coming Home – Pat Kelly (PAMA 45 b side) # Munasurabi Tokyo – The Peanuts # If It Don’t Work Out – Pat Kelly (PAMA 45 the side) # 禁じられた恋のボレロ – Mizuhara Hiroshi / 水原弘

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