Sandro Brugnolini ~ Overground (Italy 1970)

today is the day that I eventually build the weather station
perfect conditions
got all the bits
what could possibly go wrong?
then I must get to Glastonbury
a day late already
saw some on the TV last night
not good
carry on regardless
sounds like a film
probably was

see you up the Glade for Steve Hillage



Weird instrumental grooves from composer Sandro Brugnolini – played by a small combo that almost has a sound library feel! We know Brugnolini most from his soundtrack work, and this set’s got a similar flair for odd sounds and weird rhythms – played here by a group that features organ, two guitars, bass, and drums – plus lots of unusual effects that make the whole thing sound strange and trippy! The music is a weird amalgam of funky jazz and soundtrack modes – familiar at points, but really offbeat at others – with a few key groovers mixed with mellower, more atmospheric numbers


 10 quid for a pair of wellies?? That’s daylight rubbery

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