Miyashita Mao makeup!

Last night, I was tired, headachey, and a little grouchy, but after wearing NO make-up while on holiday, I was determined to have a first attempt at a Miyashita Mao look! 

Miyashita Mao AKA Miyashita Tsubasa is an AV gyaru with a very distinctive style of eye make up mostly characterised by the shape of her black eye liner and the pale, sparkly liner under her inner eyes. She always wears spiky lashes, but sometimes they’re only half lashes on the bottom. She has a pretty dark tan so is what some would call a ‘black gyaru’. :P I love her because she’s striking but also kind of ‘normal-looking’. ^3^ She’s just plain cute and has her own style!

Her Livedoor blog is here! (Japanese, of course. ^_~)

As this was just a basic trial-run and I didn’t feel like wearing lenses, I, er, didn’t. :P I also got to try out my new contour palette! It even has a white!! :D DD The browns aren’t too red for my skin tone, either. It doesn’t really show up in pictures (good, I guess), but I did a lot of contouring. X3 I still have a lot of trouble with my nose, though. If I contour it much it tends to end up looking hooked! (My nose is actually a big, pointy and straight Hylian nose. XP)

I tried and tried to do a duck-face, as that seems to be Miyashita’s favourite camera expression, but all I could come up with was a derp face!

The lip products I used to create something vaguely Mao-ish. These are all ancient Avon products! I used the golden Glazewear first, followed by the darker and lighter Color Trend Read My Lips glosses (I should check the shades, as I think the new version has some with the same name* and possibly the same colour!).                                                                                                        *I know because it’s where I learnt the word ‘lucid’. :3 

The top lashes are Chanti lashes, which you can buy via eBay here. I think Diamond Lashes (Angel Eye or Glamorous Eye) would match Miyashita Mao’s lashes much better, though! I don’t think she layers, but I would consider using a natural pair just to disrupt the weird lined effect you get while looking down when wearing these lashes!
The lower lashes are also from eBay, Style F-09 here (I also bought 011!).
I was worried that the clear band on the lower lashes would still be obvious, so I went over it carefully with the black kajal liner again, and it doesn’t look too bad! ^.^ For the sparkly bit, I used Barry M Metallic Liquid Eyeliner (Pink) then put the silver gel from the Grey Brown (Cool Series) B&C Makemania eye shadow palette over it.
Next time, I hope to create a thinner, neater and more precise line and a slightly more extreme shape. Obviously Miyashita Mao and I have different eye shapes, but I’d like to try to get a more ‘square’ look to the inner eye. :)
P.S.: It turns out a bit of time playing with make up is what I needed! I felt much better and more energised after! :P
What makes you feel better when you’re stressed, irritable or tired? :)

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