Kaija Koo hits #1 – The Finnish charts sum up

Kaija Koo’s latest single Vapaa (dance mix) hits number one in the single’s charts and despite all her hits, half a million albums sold and all her awards it is her very first single number one! She kicks from the spot Jenni Vartiainen’s third single Missä muruseni on (remix) off her second album. Laura Närhi drops to 5th with her Tämä on totta. Seal ft. Anna Eriksson with You get me enters at #17 and Jippu and Samuli Edelmann still stay at #18 with Jos sä tahdot niin. They’ve have recorded an album together to be released before Christmas! 
In albums Suvi Teräsniska drops one to 5th while Jenni Vartiainen is on way to up again at #6. Chisu is going up again – on her 53rd week! Tarja Turunen is on the way out after peaking at only #7 and Lordi’s new stayed in Top-50 only 2 weeks, peaking at #9. 
And none of these artists are involved in Euroviisut 2011 after all :-(

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