Late night drama BAD BOYS J episode 1 review!

Synopsis (from DramaWiki):

Hiroshima, 2013. The reigning No. 1 gang, BEAST, is led by Danno
Hidenori, while Nights, the No. 2 gang in Hiroshima, is led by Hiro.
Kiriki Tsukasa is but an ordinary high school student. Having made
the acquaintance of Kawanaka Yoji, Iwami Eiji & Nakamura Hisao by
chance, Tsukasa is now drawn into the sphere of the group called
“Gokurakuchou”. One day, due to one reason or another, Tsukasa
challenges Gokurakuchou’s current leader, Jun to a duel. Before the
fight ends, Jun collapses, which effectively makes a very unwilling
Tsukasa, the 8th leader of Gokurakuchou.






My impressions:

BAD BOYS J is a gang fight type of drama, in the likes of Sugarless. In Hiroshima, there is 3 gangs currently fighting for the number 1 spot.  Which team will become king of the city?
I was a little bit confused by the beginning, as I was getting mixed by the different names of gangs and a substantial amount of actors presented at once. When I understood that Gokuraku cho was the name of a gang and not a neighborhood, it started to make more sense. I am not a fan of gang fight type of drama, but I thought the story of the first episode was actually not that bad. It could be potentially interesting. One good aspect is I felt that the actors looks like gang members, with the exception of Kiriki Tsukasa which is intentional. The episode was also very short, around 24 minutes.

It has many Johny’s juniors and a new generation of actors and
actresses. By watching this episode, I felt that it was probably more
aimed at a teenager audience.

I recommend this drama if you are a fan of gang fights drama. This is really the main focus of the story. There was not really any mention of school or anything else. There was a lot of fights scenes.
Or course, I also recommend this if you are a fan of Johny’s Junior.

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