Wall of Sound A-Z: Lily Allen: Alright Still…

Wall of Sound A-Z part 1: A: Lily Allen

So I will aim to delve into CD’s on the surrounding ‘wall of sound’ in my room, obviously alphabetised to revisit the memories of the tunes.

First up, Lily Alen’s debut from 2006 Which putting it on sounds out of place with smile, when there is still the remnants of snow outside. It sounds far better listened to down a beach side walk way somewhere sunny, Barbados perhaps? Into Knock em out. It reminds me what attracted me to Lily’s songs, fun and sassy lyrics, normal London town stuff, (not like Suede but just fun). In fact my head is bobbing as I write this.

I got caught up in the world of Lily Allen when I shared her most memorable moment of 2006 with her, not my words, that’s what she confirmed in the Q end of year issue. Well she didn’t mention me in particular.  The story was that before kids I had some how managed to convince Mrs P that trips to festivals were fun, we had done V, had done Glastonbury and T in the Park seemed a great idea.

So driving for what seemed hours we arrived, queued and just about found 30 cm of space to set up our tent in the drissel that Scotland is famous for, Drissel that would last for days, it never stops, it just makes everything damp, and when you have limited clothes and are under canvas, this can be a bit of a challenge.

Sporting Wedding Dress and Laminate

Main memories from the weekend we’re
1) meeting with the only jock I know bumping into her by accident,
2) buying a little knitted Scottish hat, later adorned by my boy in one of my favourite photos of all time, and worn by me occasionally when at St Andrews when Alex McLeish was manager, Barry Fergusson was Captain and Scotland was in.
3) hiding from the rain, in a tent watching someone or other when a beered up fella wandered over to where we were sat and had a slash, disgusting we thought until someone else came along 30 seconds later and sat in the area, probably drawn by the warmth
4) falling asleep listening to the Magic Numbers not sure whether it was the dreamy pop nature of the songs or the dull nature, but it must have been sunny for a second or two for this to happen (I have only fallen asleep listening to bands at festivals twice, both times its been the Magic Numbers, make of this what you will)
5) Leaving early on the Sunday to beat the traffic and drive for (ever) to get back to Brum
6) No sleep, loud people all around all night bah humbug!

Cool Shades, cigs and Beers

And the best memory, the Lily Allen moment, which occurred in the little tent, Lily on around 7pm, when the chart show was coming to an end. I knew of Lily partly because of a few tunes I had heard, partly because her Dad was part of the Comic Strip Presents crowd and partly from the hype following her round. Lily came onstage dressed up in a wedding dress, fag in hand, bit of banter and then on stage came a helper who handed over a bottle of champagne. She took the bottle and was told something. She then shook a little, formula one racing driver style whilst letting everyone around know that she had just hit number one in the Charts with her debut single (Smile). She popped the champagne, sprayed the crowd and me and Mrs P got a little sprayed, being front and centre. She was for me the highlight of the festival, her 20 minute set was really fresh, not like anything I had heard elsewhere and the banter she came up with in between was excellent, I rate Jarvis as my favourite bantering frontman, but Lily is right up there, in fact she can be my favourite bantering front woman in this pc age.

For me going forward Her star burned brightly and after 2 albums she retired burned no doubt to be a Mom, I like her even more for that.

Listening to the album now, it still sounds great, the videos were cracking, I wince a little when the f bombs are dropped in lyrics whilst my little ones are sitting around, great album, but finishing off with Alfie, the kids (and I love) this one to bounce around to.

Bands I saw were over the 2 days were:

Red Hot Chili Peppers
Franz Ferdinand
Maximo Park
The Rifles
Paul Weller
Kaiser Chiefs
The Upper Room
Sandi Thom
Morning Runner
Jenny Lewis
Magic Numbers
We are scientists
Lily Allen
Dirty Pretty Things

That Hat!

Top Actress

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