Susuki at Mt. Katsuragi

Susuki, or Japanese pampas grass, look wispy and graceful but actually they are as strong as weed like cosmos which I wrote in the post Autumn walk through cosmos.  A field of wild grasses might be an archetypal scene.  Many Japanese people would feel more wistful nostalgia to see a field of susuki than other wild grasses or flowers.
Susuki are willowy in appearance swaying in soft breeze.  In the strong wind, they are good at bending and later they restore themselves resiliently.  What is the Soul of Susuki?  Nature is the only truth.  There’s something we can learn from it.
Mt. Katuragi (960m) is well known for the fields of susuki in autumn.  At the top, you can see panoramic view of surrounding mountains, Yamato plain (Nara), and Kawachi plain (Osaka).

view of Mt. Kongo

Susuki covers the mountain slopes.  
Susuki grows to the height of about 2 meters. 
The silver plumes look shimmering when bathed in the light. 
The habitat of susuki has been invaded by the goldenrod (セイタカアワダチソウ) from America these years.  Interestingly, I hear susuki known as Fairy Grass, is invading the domain of the native goldenrod in America.

wild flowers including goldenrod, foxtail,  and susuki
The two small mountains are  Mt. Miminashi (left) and Mt. Unebi (right).

The mountain has started weaving colored brocades from the top.
view from the ropeway
Hikers will enjoy not only walking through susuki but also viewing the fabulous colored leaves soon.

Mt. Katsuragi gets ablaze in May with the red color of azalea.  If you feel inclined to see what it’s like, visit Red Carpet Welcome  by “cosmos”.

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