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Scantlin has been arrested for domestic violence after allegedly beating up his
The incident happened yesterday (May 13) in Los Angeles.
Police were called to a business in West Hollywood at 3.30pm (PT) after it was
reported that Scantlin apparently dragged his ex-wife and then pulled her by
the arm or the shirt, writes TMZ. However it is doubtful that ia tug is all that happened. Usually the po po doesn’t get called for a little tug, they get called if serious violence occured, right?
Police spoke with witnesses and the victim upon arrival and
then arrested Scantlin for domestic violence. A source told the media outlet that Scantlin
was ‘extremely uncooperative’, saying: “He was very mouthy.” Scantlin
is currently in custody with bail set at $20,000. This isn’t the first time he
fights the law. He was arrested on May 7 for warrants stemming from his guilty
plea to cocaine possession in June 2012.
He was also arrested last September after arguing with staff
on board a flight. The plane he was on was forced to make an emergency stop in
Austin, Texas and Scantlin was removed and arrested. This guy sounds like bad news all around. Ugh…

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