Old Habits

In January, I started my own business.
Since then, my life has been consumed by the trials and tribulations that come along with entrepreneurship. Business plans. Limited liability companies. Bank accounts. Expense reports. Start-up costs. Marketing strategies. Website design. Logo creation. Social media. Supplies. Networking. Scheduling. Follow-up. Retention.
Each day I am driven to remain two steps ahead of failure and on the path to success. It’s exhausting.
Do I tell you this because I desire your pity? No. I mention it because the other day I realized I once again slipped into an old, familiar habit. In attempting to tackle the ever-growing to-do list of my small business, I forgot to take care of myself. I ignored my own stress, my aches and pains, and my body’s pleas for stillness. I stopped doing the things that keep me healthy. Exercise, novel reading, planning and cooking healthy meals fell to the bottom of my list. Receiving acupuncture, getting a massage, and going to the chiropractor didn’t even make it to the list.
This pattern we all fall into… the one where we sacrifice ourselves to leech a few extra hours out of our day… it’s no way to live. How can I operate a healthy business if I cannot stay healthy myself? How can I address the world through the lens of a calm, objective mind if I am not willing to take the time to settle it? How can I love life if I am too busy ignoring it?
I tell you this because I desire your attention. Turn it inward. Listen to your mind and body. What do they need? Rest? Fun? Help? Now, give it to them. Take back your health. Restructure your priorities. The dishes will get done after you meditate. The grocery store will be open after your acupuncture treatment. The taxes aren’t due until April. Now, go learn to do something new.
I will not forget about me no matter how difficult life gets. This is my promise to myself.
What promises will you make? Tell me about them. Write them down. Make them real. 

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