New Video: Namie Amuro – Contrail

Namie Amuro, the J-Pop boss-bitch whose 11th album Feel I’m awaiting anxiously, has just released the video for “Contrail”. The song will also be part of that same album and you can check my review on “Contrail” if you haven’t yet, right here.
I’m really starting to dig “Contrail” more and more with each listen, it’s got this Kylie-esque “Feel” to it, that you could find on “All the Lovers” off of her Aphrodite album. Very up-lifting and summery.  Ergo, totally in my lane during this time of the year. 
The video on the other hand is cute. Nothing to write home about, as you can see Namie walking through the streets with a marching band consisting of children, while there’s random shots of people following their daily life. Somehow out of the blue, Namie happens to summon several rainbows and CGI clouds all over the down-town Los Angeles and everyone’s happy, as they all finally found a cure for cancer. Sugary, sweet and uhm…yes, cute. 

I would have liked for the director to serve up something more, but the fact that Namie was smiling all over the entire video and looking like she actually gave a flying fuck, made me watch the video until the end. Man this woman is beautiful, even more when she smiles. Let’s hope she keeps those mood-swings of hers in check and keeps on smiling through-out the entire era of Feel
Not sure if it’s the fact that she owns now her own label, happens to be more involved in Feel than she was for Uncontrolled or she’s flat out popping pills, but homegirl seems happy and high up in that sky along with them contrails. Good for her.

Check the video below:

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