Natalie Kosnar makes a mixed tape…

Re-invent Re-interpret Re-make exhibition 030

Natalie Kosnar presents her series of mixed tape watercolour works as part of the Re-invent Re-interpret Re-make exhibition.

She describes her inspiration and working method below:
“As the world appears to become smaller, my artworks reflect on the thoughts of one individual. A general theme throughout my work revolves around the human condition; who we are and how we relate to others in a complex world. I regularly sway between producing digital and handmade artworks. As technology has developed I use a combination of digital and traditional techniques. “

shoot 'em up Natalie Kosnar

“A common process for me is to take digital photos which are then manipulated in Photoshop and then painted onto a traditional surface such as canvas or paper. This way of working is a constant re-interpretation of works and ideas. “

The works depicting cassette tapes, highlight the nostalgic ‘mixed tape’. By adding various songs, taped onto each cassette, a message is given to another via the songs. The careful placement of songs in an order on a mixed tape is another form of re-interpretation for both the creator of the mixed tape and the recipient.

During the In Conversation program, Natalie spoke about the direction of her new works which looks at teenagers and their obsession with technology; camera phones, ipods etc. These works move away from her retro vibed works that are shown in the current exhibition. I can’t wait to see how they look!

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