Namie Amuro previews snippet for “Alive”

Namie Amuro the Queen of Hip Pop and J-POP at this point (because nobody is checking for Ayu‘s stuff) is wasting no time in creating the much needed hype for her upcoming studio album, Feel. It was only yesterday when I posted the news about her new album, the covers and it’s corresponding track-list. Well, now she’s serving something juicy; a 35 seconds snippet of a new track called “Alive”.

Take a listen here:

This woman just bitch-slapped the fuck out of me. Yesterday I had zero fucks left to give when it came to her upcoming album “Feel” and know I’m going mental over this snippet, like Whitney Houston over a crack-pipe. Guess what? She just gave me a reason to anticipate her new record. With just 35 seconds of her heaven-sent vocals over that dark, aggressive, yet moody anthem of a club-ready disco banger. Even her Engrish is on point, I could understand a bitch from the moment she open her mouth. Namie desperately purrs: “Rescue me my lover, kiss me back to life. Save me with a summer sound.” and explodes during the chorus: “I need you loving me, I need you loving me, to make me feel alive!” Flawless, iconic, amazing. Literally not able to function at this point.
When it ended I was salivating and craving more. Damn, she’s good! If the rest of that record continues this flawless strike of snippets, I’m officially slayed, dead and buried. Never underestimate this woman. 

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