Hearts, Hurts and Hounds

Poor old Dora Belle… She’s getting up in years. The vets best guess during her first visit was that she was at least 5 years old. That was 8 years ago.

Last week she was in the house pacing and panting. She’d come over to me and put her chin on my knee, then walk off and lay down. In a minute or two she came back and repeated this for almost 15 minutes. Things weren’t right, that was obvious. I packed her in the car and away we went to see the vet.

Doc said her heart was bad, already knew that. But now in addition to be enlarged and having a murmur, the beats were irregular. His speed at diagnosing her puts our local hospital to shame.

When my hubby went in for a EKG we waited in the room for 20 minutes after the doctor had ordered the test. Then when the techs finally showed up, it was another 5 minutes to untangle all the leads, get them stuck on, run the machine for a bit and then they left. Of course the doctor was no where to be seen and didn’t get back in touch with us for 24 hours to let us know what the EKG showed.

But at the vets it was totally different. He sprayed what smelled like a water and alcohol solution on her side. Took his cell phone and placed it on her rib cage. Then he pressed a button and told his assistant to go get the print out in the other room. While the assistant was gone (for less than 60 seconds) the vet showed the EKG recording on his phone. It was small and the print out helped my untrained eyes. Five minutes tops! Damn I love vets!

This is an old picture. Probably 5 years ago. Sweet old Dora doesn’t have a bit of brown on her face anymore.

Anyway, he sent her home with three different pills. In less than 12 hours she was much better. In less than a week she decided she felt so good she went out on a 6 1/2 hour excursion. And it drove me crazy!!! I went out looking for her and Chester (her hunting buddy). Couldn’t see them, couldn’t hear them. When she finally showed up she trotted right in the house and went straight to bed. Didn’t even ask for supper. I do have a feeling she had some “take out” while she was gone.

In a few hours she starting whining. I went to check on her and she put her head back down. Then in a few minutes she whined again. Again I went to check on her. I finally realize she was so sore from her run, she couldn’t lift her tired old ass off the bed! I lifted her front up, then helped hoist up the rear. Once she was up she went right to the door. Duty was calling!

After some pain reliever/muscle relaxer meds that night and the next morning, she was back to her old sweet self. I know I can’t keep her around for ever. But this old hermit is not ready to see her go right now.

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