DHS Whistleblower Censored From 60 Minutes – Brittany Murphy’s Death – Related?

 (“Britt” comes up shortly after 15:30 in the video)

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New allegations in Brittany Murphy’s death case

 Brittany Murphy Dies in Los Angeles at 32

Deputy Chief Coroner Ed Winter publicly admitted that the Office of the
Coroner did not conduct any testing for poisons and toxic substances.
The LAPD collected Brittany’s hair samples, but did not test them

Angelo Bertolotti said, “How could anyone believe that it was natural
for two young people [Brittany Murphy and Simon Monjack] to die months
apart under identical circumstances, both of them experiencing severe
stomach pains and vomiting immediately prior to their passing? No one
bothered to conduct any testing for poisons or toxins.
Both deaths were
erroneously attributed to pneumonia and anemia. Later I was told that
all specimens of my daughter’s hair and tissues were about to be
destroyed, unless I paid to have them preserved. I did just that, but
now we’re facing new roadblocks in my plight to have Brittany’s hair and
tissues released and independently tested.”

…In addition to Brittany’s specimens, we’re seeking the release of
evidence that could be potentially related to her untimely passing.
We’ve subpoenaed The Hollywood Reporter with respect to the audio tapes
in their possession, where Brittany
Murphy and Simon Monjack have described helicopter surveillance and
wiretaps perpetrated against them by the Department of Homeland Security
. We’ve also subpoenaed the Department of Homeland Security with respect to the information related to the said surveillance and attempted deportation of Simon Monjack. Additional subpoenas went out to the Screen Actors Guild Producers Health Plan, regarding Brittany’s medical files.”

Chance E. Gordon, Esq. added, “The case was steadily moving forward.
Suddenly, in June of 2012 the Clerk of Court asserted that the docket
does not include the filing wherein I came on as Mr. Bertolotti’s
attorney. Now the Defendants and those served with our subpoenas are
laboring under the misapprehension that our demands for relevant
evidence and information don’t have to be honored – when in fact they
are valid and remain in full effect. I am at a loss as to why the Clerk
of Court would remove our filing from the docket and furthermore claim
that it was never filed with the court.
Adding to this glaring error is
the fact that Brittany Murphy’s last name was misspelled in the court’s
databases, having been recorded as “Mijrphy”, presumably to prevent
members of the media from locating this file through name searches. We
will be taking further steps to address these discrepancies, to ensure
that the case continues to move forward in Mr. Bertolotti’s pursuit of
justice for his daughter, Brittany Murphy – in spite of the obstacles
that stand in our way.” 
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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

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