Blondfire and AWOLNATION rock the house

Ok, more specifically, on March 16, 2012, they rocked this house:

A small venue, standing room only, the kind of venue where there’s no bad seat, er, spot in the house. :)

Let me start by saying I love both of these bands, and I know every word to every song they sing, a fact that for me, always makes the entire concert experience better.:)

AWOLNATION headlined, and they killed it, like I knew they would. I’m talking full-on crowd surfing near the front, a lead singer who knew exactly how to work the crowd from minute one, and in that small venue, the whole crowd sang along TO EVERY SONG. I’m not kidding. And when they played Sail, the crowd went insane. AWOLNATION is the real deal, both recorded and live. If you’ve been living in a cave or just want to learn more about the awesomeness that is AWOLNATION, check out their website. Here’s also some links to YouTube videos of my top three AWOLNATION songs right now: Wake UpKill Your Heroes, and Not Your Fault. Join the nation.:)

But before AWOLNATION took the stage, Blondfire rocked. IMO, they couldn’t have picked a more perfect venue, since Ponte Vedra Concert Hall sits minutes from the ocean and Blondfire just recorded a new video for their song Waves.

Blondfire killed it too.

I’m a huge Blondfire fan, even more now than before. Erica Driscoll is the lead singer, and her vocals are amazing. Ethereal, fresh, and edgy smooth, Blondfire’s music is total WIP fuel for me, no doubt in part because so many of my novels seem to incorporate beach settings. And they were awesome live.

Here’s Erica, Blondfire’s lead singer, mid-concert:

Blondfire played every song from their EP WHERE THE KIDS ARE and sounded incredible. They don’t have the rabid fan base of AWOLNATION–yet!–but for their sake, I hope it comes. Because Erica, her brother, and the rest of the awesomeness that is Blondfire are extremely talented, and I can’t wait to hear more from them. I’d totally see them in concert again, either as an opening band or headliner. They were that good.

And they were very gracious in person. Here’s me, with Erica and Steve of Blondfire after the show:

Cool, right? Yup, I’m a total fangirl.:)

So here’s the deal. I want everyone to discover Blondfire. Give ‘em a listen, check ‘em out. And to encourage this Blondfire listening, I’m giving away a free $10 iTunes card. You read that right: free tunes on me! And while I can’t make you buy their album, I highly recommend it. :)

To enter, spread the word.:) Go to Blondfire’s Facebook page and “like” it, or tweet about this giveaway, then listen to their tunes and leave a comment below telling me which Blondfire song you like the most. Only the comment is mandatory. Then you’re in the Rafflecopter drawing.* Yay!

So go. Listen. Enter! Woohoo!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Good luck! Winner will be announced next week.:)

p.s. Now that you’ve listened, isn’t Blondfire awesome?! Told ya.:)

*This giveaway is now closed. Thanks to all who entered. And congratulations to our winner, Amy Keita! We’ll be contacting you shortly Amy to get you your $10 iTunes card! :)

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