Abigail Lorick!

hey everyone!

i just came here to update! anywho, i found my favorite designer. yes, i’m a big fan of Gossip Girl, and these are the clothes they wear. the designer is Abigail Lorick! she is totally awesome! i love how her line is not about showing so much skin, what-so-ever. it’s very lady-like and mature, don’t you think? it’s totally cute! i’m getting my inspiration from her!

i’m currently working on a white dress. i’m making it like Abigail Lorick’s yellow dress in Gossip Girl that Jenny Humpfrey wore. it’s too adorable everyone! you have to love it!

also, in my collection, i want to work with hair bow-ties, flowers made out of ribbons / excess fabric, and head bands! they are too cute, and i’m putting them in with my collection i guarentee you’ll love it as much as i do people!

thanksgiving night:
i am not doing anything this thanksgiving night. what is there to do anyway right? i will be working on my dresses and maybe buy some more fabric so i can work on it for the holidays. i really want to fit in my beautiful gold dress – i need to drop a few pounds for that. my bust is too big! dang it!!!! =’(

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