#1649 10 Years Love

Title: 10 Years Love
Japanese Title: 十年愛/Juunen Ai
Year: 2008
Country: Japan
Running Time: 75 min
Director: Ataru Ueda
Genre: Drama/Erotic
Rating: 7.9

This is my first movie from this new year.
First movie after 3 months and Japanese one after 5 months

I probably got problems watching the movie
Because I watched it with Chinese Subtitles
And u all know I understand it but hardly can read!
And it was in Simplified Chinese also ..
BUT unfortunately I guess I understand 95% of it
It was just easy conversations and talk LOL

10 Years Love is based on a manga by Kurashina Ryo
This movie is 18+ rated I think
So it’s not suitable for children
There’s too much nude and sex scenes

It’s not porn!!
Just an erotic drama with a ‘sad’ story
It’s not really sad
BUT I think it got a good story line
That probably often happen in real life LOL
What a girl can do for a boy is just so much courage!

The whole movie is a flashback story
How it start, how it end ..
It just got a so sad ending in the flashback!
BUT if you look good she knows that it gonna happen
She was just happy that he left something for her
That made it a little good of the ending
But still sad!!

Great acting from Mari Sakurai
She looks like a bit @ HK star Nathalie Tong or Selana Li LOL
Is she an AV star?
I only envy Sora Aoi LOL … Joke Joke
I only know her because she share the same birthday ^^

Mari is a third grade high school, who is in love with popular soccer team captain Takagi. After Takagi missing a penalty kick during a championship, he turns into a loser left by his friends. Because Mari deeply loves Hiroya, She decides to become a vent for his sex. Unfortunately, Mari loses connection with Takagi after graduation; she keeps searching him in Shinjuku. Finally after 10 years Mari and Takagi meet again, but they are now both working as club escorts ..

Mari Sakurai – Mari
Takuma Sueno – Hiroya Takagi
Hirano Ryo – Hiro
Aki Kawamura
Tateishi Yukari
Yukiko Tachibana – Old Woman
Yasuei Yakushiji – Bodyguard
(One of the cast is Yuri and one is the club owner/mama san! but I don’t know who’s who)

Official Site:

[credit: asianmediawiki.com]

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